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Photogrametry / 3D

Photogrametry is a process where you start with photography and end up with 3D models. Such models have realistically looking textures and surface details. Retopologized models can be used for real time graphics. Some of my photogrametry works. Click “play” to load the model, click and drag to rotate. You can see mesh topology by clicking on a settings button (right lower corner gear symbol) – rendering and clicking on any color in section wireframe. For best experience use hmd (rift, vive, gear VR…) To access VR version click on “view in VR” button on right lower corner. (While web VR is not yet officially supported by big browsers you have to use special versions of your browser)
Manual retopology:

Automatic retopology using “instant meshes”:

Raw scans with some automatic decimation:

You can find more works on my sketchfab page.

Ore you can BUY some of my models at CGTRADER.

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