3D scanning

I am providing 3D scanning services (Photogrammetry). That includes  scanning objects and locations as well as doing retopology for real time graphics or animation (low poly and good mesh topology with edge loops). Contact me at Mantas . talmantas @ gmail . com (no spaces

As well I am selling some game ready photorealistic scanned 3D models in these asset stores:

Below you will find some of my scanned objects.

Photogrammetry is a process where you start with photography and end up with 3D models. Such models have realistically looking textures and surface details. Retopologized models can be used for real time graphics. Click “play” to load the model, click and drag to rotate. You can see mesh topology by clicking on a settings button (right lower corner gear symbol) – rendering and clicking on any color in section wireframe. For best experience use hmd (rift, vive, gear VR…) To access VR version click on “view in VR” button on right lower corner.
Manual retopology:

This one is for sale (with manual retopo) here.

Some graves (Užupio and Rasų cemeteries) with manual retopology:

Kotryna’s Church in Vilnius (auto retopology)


Street of holy spirit (manual retopology)

Manual retopology and animation:

Automatic retopology using “instant meshes”:

This one is for sale (with manual retopo) here.

Good lucking tree part..

Raw scans with some automatic decimation:

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